Calculate your withholding tax in Switzerland

years old

39.96 CHF


AHV (Old-age and survivors's ins.) · 5.30%
265.00 CHF
ALV (Unemployment ins.) · 1.10%
55.00 CHF
NBU (Non work-related accident ins.) · 0.70%
35.00 CHF
PK (Savings contrib. pension fund) · 3.36%
168.00 CHF
PK (Risk premium pension fund) · 0.39%
19.25 CHF
Child allowance
+ 400.00 CHF
Predicted Monthly NET salary
4817.79 CHF

Did you know that the mandatory Swiss Health Insurance needs to be paid by yourself and is not subtracted from your salary? Depending on your age, canton and chosen insurance the average is around 414 CHF.

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